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draftsman does not always equate to a good designer...

Many times I talk to homeowners that have hired a drafting service to produce the drawings for their project only to find out that what they really were looking for was a good architect. I keep hearing repeatedly, " just looks blah", or "...not what we were expecting..." or "...doesn't have the pop we were looking for...". Unsuspecting homeowners who maybe haven't spent time working with an architect may think that they are saving time and money by just going to a drafting firm and hiring an engineer, but in the end, those building owners who care about the overall end product, usually end up hiring an architect in the end anyways. So why not just start on the right foot out of the gate?

From starting with this...

take a look at the front porch. Can you see the first problem?

look at the height of the door beyond the edge of the roof as you walk into the home. Pretty tight, right? that along with narrow and tall front steps and a few other items we needed to address lead us to the images you will see below.

Here are some elevation options that we helped a homeowner out in tampa whose home was currently under construction. In this case, the owners wanted to see several different schemes that they could choose from that would work with their existing addition/remodel project. We were happy to come up with several different options for them to look at and discuss the various pros and cons of each as well as the cost implications of choosing one option over another.

Take a look at our facade studies!

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