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Check out this fresh entry update for a house without an front door....

It would be hard to imagine having a home with no front entry right?! Well we found one. This client needed help creating a new entry to the home that they recently purchased that really had no front entry. To access the home, you would need to enter through the attached garage, or literally walk to the rear of the home, enter through the rear lanai, and then enter through an office/den space.

We've provided a new front entry tower that engages any visitors to the home and makes the new entry visually identifiable. We've also removed the existing Bathroom/Utility Room/ Laundry room and created separate spaces for each of those uses. The new layout now creates an entry space, new dining space directly adjacent to the newly arranged kitchen area. We've revamped the mixed use room and created a large dedicated pantry with sink for cleaning and prepping and given the washer and dryer its own new home. Removing the existing Lanai and adding a new Master Suite gives the owners a place to call home with a new master bath and closet. Expanding the existing windows to take full advantage of the beautiful waterfront views will also be part of this renovation.

More information on this project and its progress will be available as the project gets further into construction.

Thanks to our amazing client for allowing us the opportunity to turn this mediocre house into a new exciting home that can now be much better enjoyed!

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