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From Old to New...

Architecture is such a great field to work in. We get the opportunity to meet some of the best people, such as the Nunez Family. Seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of Fort Lauderdale, they picked up this small home in Vero Beach. take a look below at the house in its current state....

Maybe not exactly "move in ready"..... but wait...

new view of house with a little love. :) looking better already.


working our way around the front of the home, we've added an over-sized single car garage.


We created a screened low wall to hide the garbage cans and provided a hose reel for trash can cleaning and watering the new plants within the new landscape beds.


adding a side entry door for garage access and a large series of windows for the newly added bedrooms. The new addition adds a new garage and bedroom.


adding some low privacy walls helps the outdoor space really begin to feel like an extension of the interior of the home. Entering into the rear entry door leads into the new open dining/kitchen space...


aerial view of the new outdoor space that hosts gathered seating space around a fire pit with a covered grilling area for times of entertaining and family get-togethers...

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