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GAP Online Learning

Resources for architects looking to start their own business, learn ways to become more efficient as well as connect and network with other architects

What we offer

content geared towards starting your own architectural practice regardless of what stage of your professional career

Links, Software, Videos, everything architecturally related that can help you become more efficient at what you do.

extensive videos related to multiple categories - Architectural Visualization, Architectural Business,

& How To's...

GAP online course for Getting your business started

Our main goal is to help architects bridge the gap from being an employee to becoming their own boss.  We provide a simple, no-nonsense approach to all the things you will need to know when thinking about going out on your own.  The process is simple, you just have to commit to taking the first step.

With our guided program we provide fellow architects with the ability to transform their lives by gaining the self satisfaction, personal and professional achievements, financial freedom and ability to guide your future without any of the glass ceilings you may have felt while working for someone else.

I along with many other architects I have worked with over the years have shared those feelings of limitations while working for others, lack of total responsibility of my projects, design freedom, and a lot of other constraints.

This course bridges the gap between feeling constrained and creating your own future.

Course Testimonials

Alexa Young, CA

“all of the information included in the course was very easy to understand and impliment.  I was able to begin creating my business while going thru the online course."

Morgan James, NY

"the information was straight forward and easy to follow. The content made it easy to get up and running in no time."

Lisa Driver, MI

“GAP online course was just what I needed to create my own design firm.  I had quite a few questions but the GAP team was there to provide 1 on 1 coaching to help me through my challenges.  Highly recommend the online course.”
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